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About KM Contract Cutting, LLC

We deliver full service forest harvesting in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon. Operating out of Washington State for over 10 years, our experience with the region’s timber markets is second to none. We understand how important it is to you as a timber owner to have confidence in the ability of your chosen logging contractor to capture the maximum value of your investment.

Getting the most for your logs is much more than just selling to the highest bidder. It is the art of knowing where to cut your logs to maximize grade and scale which are the basis on which logs are priced and sold. It is the ability and willingness to sort and sell logs to multiple buyers. That’s where we can help. We harvest timber for private landowners, municipalities, state and federal agencies and with each timber harvest we will do our best to get you the best return possible. We solve environmental challenges with an ethical approach. Streams, slopes and wildlife are all examples of these challenges. In these cases, we usually fall trees away from streams, limit work on steep and unstable slopes and usually leave habitat for wildlife to mitigate the effect of timber harvesting. By using low impact machinery and techniques we are able to harvest your timber with the least disturbance to your property.

Having trees close to your home can cost you more for roof and gutter maintenance, not to mention heaving concrete and more moss in the yard, so when you are ready to save some money on home maintenance and moss killer give us a call.